The Little Massage Company Massage@Work is very easy to organise and set up and the efficient brevity of the treatment makes it an ideal wellbeing experience for the busy workplace or group events. 


At the start of each session, I have a chat with each client to discuss what their needs are, to tailor the massage the individual. During a typical 20-30 minute session I massage the back, neck, shoulders, arms and head using a combination of deep tissue and acupressure techniques.  This rejuvenating style of massage leaves people feeling invigorated, refreshed and energised.   

Meet Kaj

My technical approach is fundamentally based in the holistic perspective of honouring the mind-body connection.  I speak plainly and honestly on what I observe and what I think would be in each person’s best interest. 

I have worked with thousands of people in the years I have been massaging.  I’ve never failed to feel uplifted by how different people say they feel after receiving massage. Positivity is contagious and I love helping to create a buzz in a working environment.

Aside from the pain-relief aspects of massage therapy we mustn’t forget something else fundamental to its marvellousness: It feels GREAT!  


To The Business

  • Helps improve focus, efficiency and profitability of the team

  • Helps boost staff morale, motivation and productivity

  • Improved wellbeing helps reduce employee absenteeism and stress-related sick days

  • Investing in your staff leads to better staff retention

To The Employee

  • Combats muscular aches and tensions of the neck, back, shoulders thus increasing flexibility and range of movement

  • Is an immediate stress buster, relaxing the nervous system, boosting energy levels and alleviating tiredness

  • Promotes flow of endorphins, creating an uplift in mood which helps to better cope with stress and heavy workload

  • Prevents repetitive strain injury, headaches and eye strain

  • Provides brief and intense rest period; improving focus, concentration and alertness