Kaj Meerstadt, Founder & Therapist

I’m a highly experienced, qualified holistic massage therapist, specialising in on-site chair massage in offices in and around London.

I've been a massage therapist since 2003, founded the Little Massage Company in 2006 and I still love doing it.


My grounded approach has now seen me help thousands of happy and satisfied people get more comfortable in their own bodies. This inevitably has a ripple-effect into the companies they work at.


My Philosophy
My approach is based in the holistic traditions of therapeutic work. 

The sedentary nature of desk work leaves us vulnerable to cumulative physical and emotional tension and discomfort. With on-site massage and well-being guidance, I help people incorporate new habits into their daily lives.  

My intention is always to help my clients make the most of their experience of life.  More than just a temporary physical fix; together we work on a long-term investment in their vitality and well-being.